Would You Consider Moissanite Jewelry To Be The New Standard?

Moissanite jewelry has been on the market since the late ‘90s, but it’s never caught on as the standard diamond alternative. Many people who have never heard of moissanite even mistake it for the real thing! So would you consider moissanite jewelry to be the new standard? In this blog post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about moissanite and whether or not it can serve as an affordable alternative to diamond rings and earrings that are just as beautiful and sparkly.

Moissanite Ring Benefits

Moissanite Earrings is available in an array of stunning colors, ensuring that it can accommodate all preferences. Moissanite gemstones are more durable than diamonds, making them a better choice for individuals who work with their hands. Most importantly, moissanite is less expensive than diamonds because it costs less to create and mine. The production cost of a 2-carat diamond is about $1,000 USD whereas the cost of a 2-carat moissanite is only USD 250 – USD 500. You’re not just getting another rock, but rather an affordable ring that shines like a true jewel. Moissanite rings come in many different styles including engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings. And if you’re wondering what happens when a moissanite stone falls out or breaks- don’t worry! Many companies offer free lifetime warranty replacements on stones that fall out or break due to natural wear and tear. So whether you want something shiny and new or something old-fashioned… there’s a way for everyone to find happiness with these beautiful jewels!

Moissanite Is Colorless, Harder Than Diamond, And Durable

Moissanite is as colourless as an improved diamond and it is a lot harder than a diamond. The durability of moissanite makes it possible for people to purchase jewellery without fear of ruining the stone. Moissanite’s durability also means that it can be used in settings other than rings, for example, pendants or earrings, which are easier for children to wear and damage. All these qualities make this jewel one of a kind. I am excited to see if moissanite becomes the new standard in jewelry.

Cost Comparison Between Diamond And Moissanite

The first and most important difference is that diamonds are priced by weight, while moissanites are priced by carat size. Moissanites come in a variety of shapes including rounds, ovals, and princess cuts. The average cost for a one-carat diamond ranges from $4,000-USD 5,000. This means that for two carats the price is about USD 10,000! One-carat round cut Moissanite stones cost about $150-USD 200. That’s almost $12,000 cheaper than the same size diamond with comparable quality! Other factors such as clarity, colour, and cut should also be considered when determining which stone is best for you. It’s worth it to do your research before making any decisions.

Is It Fake Or Real – Ways To Tell

Moissanite is a man-made, lab-created stone that has become an affordable alternative to diamonds. Moissanites are harder than rubies and sapphires and more expensive than cubic zirconia. The most identifiable feature of moissanite is its sparkling fire–some people say that this effect makes it appear more brilliant than diamond. I would argue that even a seasoned jeweller can’t distinguish between fake diamonds and real ones, so if you’re wondering whether or not your ring is made of expensive metals, then take comfort in knowing that even trained professionals can’t tell with just one glance!

Where Can I Get One?

Many consumers may now take for granted that diamonds are not the only gemstone available for purchase. Moissanite, a type of silicon carbide, is one of many other popular choices. Moissanite engagement rings have been available in the market since 1999 and come in different colors as well as colourless. There are many reasons why someone may choose a Moissanite over a diamond; some of these are availability and affordability. However, it can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart from a diamond if you’re looking at both stones under normal conditions (brightly lit room). In addition, other points to note are durability and vulnerability when exposed to high pressure or temperature levels. For example, while Moissanites are more durable than diamonds and less susceptible to scratching, they do not fare as well when subjected to harsh treatment. That being said, there are ways in which Moissanite jewellery can be protected against scratches such as by using anti-scratch treatments or settings like prongs. As far as sensitivity goes, a Moissanite’s hardness level falls somewhere between quartz and sapphire on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. While this does not provide an ideal level of protection for people who like rough wear and tear on their jewels (e.g., wearing their jewels while working out), it does make them less vulnerable than most gems about damage from tumbling.

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