What Can You Do if Your Dedicated Server Hosting India Goes Down?

When your website goes down unexpectedly, it can be extremely frustrating. You can suffer a loss both in terms of reputation and money. Dedicated servers keep your website up and running in almost any situation. But unfortunately, server downtime can occur for numerous reasons, ranging from a large influx of web traffic to something more malicious, a DDOS attack. In this post, we discuss the causes of dedicated server downtime. If you know the reasons for server downtime then you can overcome those situations. If unfortunately, any server downtime situation may occur then we discuss some steps that you can do. Further, if you face continuous website downtime then you need to change your web hosting company. I recommend Hostbillo’s India dedicated server hosting plans because they give a 99.90% uptime guarantee. 

What do You Mean by Website Downtime?

In simple words, we can say that when a website is inaccessible or not functioning as it should for end users. There could be a problem in loading web pages or a failure to function on the website as a result.

For example: If you were watching a video stream on a website and the controls stopped working, this is all the information we can obtain about a website outage. Some businesses consider this to be an error but in reality, this is downtime. For multiple reasons, this will occur. 

Reasons Why Your Dedicated Server Hosting India Goes Down 

Below we discuss some of the reasons for website downtime. 

  • Your India dedicated Hosting is Overloaded

There is a possibility that your server is overburdened if you are receiving a server error when you access your site (or if site visitors report this error). This happens when a lot of visitors are trying to access the websites at the same time. This happens when a website launch or there is an important announcement on the website. 

  • Your dedicated server hosting India is undergoing maintenance 

During festival season, your website needs daily basis proper maintenance. You may need to install security updates and patches and make other changes to keep your site’s server running smoothly. Normally planned maintenance is scheduled at a specific time. Doing this there will impact your website. You should always be notified by your web hosting company when maintenance will be performed so you can prepare in advance. 

  • Your site is under attack 

There are some cases where a targeted attack can actually bring your site down. DDoS attacks are one of the targeted attacks. These attacks are common and this will cause a Dedicated Server Hosting India Goes Down. Attackers flood your site with illegitimate traffic, causing downtime or extremely slow loading times.

  • There’s an issue with your coding 

There is one other possibility of your India dedicated server hosting being down because of your site coding. If you faced any problem with a single page or certain pages of a website. So take time and look at your HTML and CSS and another coding to make sure there aren’t any glaring mistakes. If you face any problems then contact an experienced web designer to look at coding.  

4 Steps You Can Follow if Your Dedicated Server Hosting India Goes Down

  • Contact Your Web Hosting Company ASAP   

The first step you should take when your dedicated hosting India goes down (or you get a sign of server downtime) is to contact your web hosting company as much as possible. I think you choose that web hosting company that gives 24*7 customer and technical support. Otherwise, you may not be able to contact your web hosting company until their next office hours, which will prolong your downtime.

  • Reach Out to Your Website Visitors 

The next step is to find a way to contact a website’s regular visitors so you can tell them what’s going on. It would be great if you posted on social media that you are continuously working on fixing this issue if you have a site social media page. As a result, your visitors will be informed and reassured that the issue is being addressed.

  • Take Measures to Protect Against Security Breaches 

When your dedicated server Hosting India goes down then your website is weak so there are high chances of security breaches and other problems. So it’s a good idea to revisit your server security and check that everything is managed properly. Look for signs of security breaches, such as files moving or disappearing from your server and changing passwords/user authentications. You can report any suspicious activity to your web hosting company along with screenshots. 

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  • Retrieve Your Latest Server Backup

Hopefully, now the time is to take a backup of files and data on your dedicated server in India regularly (once a day or even once a week is better than nothing). Recovering your last server backup should allow you to restore any files or data that may have been compromised in a data breach. If you dont know about this then your web hosting company may help. At yet if you dont back up your data and file, then after should all of this you definitely want to start doing from now. 

Change Your Web Hosting Company if You Regularly Face a Website Downtime 

If you regularly face website downtime then you need another dedicated server provider in India for your website. You choose that web hosting company in India that gives server uptime guarantee features in their dedicated server hosting India plans. We do research and find out one company that gives a 99.90% uptime guarantee with their India-dedicated hosting plans. And the company name is Hostbillo Hosting Solution. With every dedicated server plan in India, Hostbillo guarantees 99.90% uptime while delivering the latest hardware specifications and processors. Hostbillo’s service level agreement ensures the highest level of uptime and virtually no downtime. Not only Hostbillo gives a 99.90% uptime guarantee there are many features that are included in Hostbillo’s dedicated server India plans such as:- 

  1. Extendable SSDs and RAM
  2. Data Encryption
  3. DDOS protection 
  4. No setup cost
  5. Robust Bandwidth
  6. Free SSL Certificate
  7. 99.90% uptime guarantee
  8. SSH root access
  9. Datacenter Choice
  10. 24*7*365 instant Technical support
  11. 7 Days Credit Back Guarantee
  12. Zero Downtime Free Migration
  13. Operating system choice 

In India, Hostbillo offers a Six dedicated server plan. So you have a choice of choosing a plan according to your website requirements and budget. You can see the plan below. 

In India, Hostbillo offers a Six dedicated server plan


Experience a website downtime is always a headache. But you cannot face this downtime if you do the following points:- 

  • Backup your website 
  • Use a content delivery network
  • Employ an internet site monitoring service

But if you face a website downtime there are plenty of options available to solve this problem and points we discussed in detail in the above article. After following all the steps if you face a website downtime then you need Hostbillo’s India dedicated server hosting plan. With this plan, you get a 99.90% uptime guarantee. 

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