What Benefits You Can Get From Custom Mailer Boxes?

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

In the current era of online trade, you can deliver products to far distances. However, certain circumstances can cause product damage and leave your business at loss. Therefore, every online brand wants to deliver products safely without worrying about damage. This is possible only with the most reliable and suitable packaging solution. If you properly package products in strong boxes, there will be lesser chances of product damage. Other than product protection, you will need to impress your customers as well. For that purpose, you need boxes that are not only strong but also stylish. This will improve the way you deliver products to customer’s doorstep. Custom-designed mailer packaging boxes are ideal in this regard. You can get all the benefits from these boxes, such as:

Strong packaging solution

The packaging materials typically used in the manufacturing of custom Mailer Boxes are corrugated kraft or cardboard. These materials are known for their durability and strength because of their crush resistance abilities. You can get corrugated mailer packaging from expert packaging companies. These kinds of delivery boxes are strong enough to ensure safe product shipping.

Mailer Boxes

The strong and reliable walls of these boxes prevent dust, moisture, and heat from reaching your products. Other than that, you can apply UV rays or moisture-resistant coating for extra protection. Many online brands get these boxes to securely deliver their cosmetics, skin care products, makeup items, clothes, apparel, and even electronic devices. Subscription boxes also come in this category. Online brands providing subscription services to their customers also get these boxes for product delivery.

Variety of styles

Just like other custom boxes, mailer boxes are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can get these boxes customized per your product’s needs. You can design the shape, and opening or closing mechanism of these boxes. A window is not compulsory on the mailer packaging boxes. However, you can add a window if you like. Furthermore, you can add custom inserts or partitions to prevent the collision of inside products. This will not only prevent damage but also keep your products more organized. Besides that, you can get some other styles such as:

  • Large folding cartons
  • Roll end tuck top boxes
  • Shoulder boxes
  • Small earlock boxes
  • CBD boxes
  • Tab lock boxes
  • Self-seal boxes and many more.

Improve unboxing videos

Customers like to share unboxing videos especially when they buy online products. You can improve their unboxing videos by delivering products in stunning mailer boxes. This way, you can generate customers from online sharing sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. People viewing unboxing videos will buy your products if they find them interesting. First, you should deliver products in strong boxes and later design these boxes with attractive elements. For example, you can color custom mailer packaging with vibrant hues to make them more eye-catchy. Moreover, you can draw images or patterns on these boxes to impress customers. Furthermore, a layer of glossy and shiny coating will improve the outlook of mailer packaging. Thus, by improving the style of packaging, you can improve unboxing videos which will eventually improve your business revenue.

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Build brand image

In order to get customers from different areas, you need to give them details through which they can reach you. First of all, you can print the brand name and logos on the custom mailer boxes. This way, people watching the unboxing videos will know the name of your brand. Furthermore, you can print contact and address details on these boxes for further communication. Customers will stay in touch with you with all this information. Additionally, you can achieve a brand image by raising brand awareness on a larger scale.

Custom mailer packaging is the major factor that is effective in brand awareness. Customers will recognize your brand via packaging. In fact, many customers remember a brand through its packaging more than its name. Even if customers don’t know the name of your brand, they will immediately recognize your brand when the packaging is impressive.

Mailer Boxes

Promote sustainable packaging

Above all, sustainable packaging should be your foremost priority. This is possible with custom mailer packaging. You can customize this packaging per your needs and preferences. For example, if you don’t need extra-large boxes, you should not get Bulk Custom Boxes that are larger than your products. It will help you to stay in the line of sustainable packaging. Moreover, you can get wholesale mailer boxes that are recyclable.

Recyclable mailer packaging is the ultimate need of the current increasing pollution. Customers will also appreciate your brand if you promote sustainable packaging. If you want to deliver food products, sustainable food boxes are best in this regard. You can impress customers by promoting a positive message. Thus, your online business will improve to the next level with custom mailer packaging boxes.


If you are looking for both stylish and protective boxes to mail your products, custom mailer boxes are best for you. The strong packaging materials and unique customization of these boxes make them perfect for online deliveries. Customers will share the unboxing videos of attractive mailer packaging which will increase sales. You can get sustainable boxes of various styles to promote your business.

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