Ultimate weekend trip Rajmachi Trek and Kondane Caves!


Rajmachi is commonly referred to by the name of Rajmachi stronghold. However, Rajmachi is the name of the town that is more commonly referred to as Udhewadi town. Udhewadi town. Udhewadi is the main town to travel through. On arrival I have to realize that the Rajmachi post is actually an array of double strongholds. Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort.

The two strongholds in Rajmachi were developed in the Satavahanas to guard the most vital verifiable shipping route, Borghat. Borghat. Borghat is now recognized as a landmark protected by the government. This route linked the inside Deccan good country location (presently Pune) toward the western shores of Bharat (presently Mumbai) in ancient times. The stronghold was later seized by Chp. Shivaji Maharaj again, later, at that point, taken by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb and was subsequently rescued by Shahu Maharaj. He was finally, finally, captured from the British.

The reasons to go to Rajmachi Trek :

Rajmachi camp

There are a variety of options for setting up camp at the lower end of double fortifications at Rajmachi. If you’ve got an individual tent with food items, you’ll be told about your camping spot close to or around the Udai Sagar Lake or at Kalbhairav sanctuary. In the event that you don’t have tents they can be rented from Udhewadi town. The best option is to stay the night in the old homes of locals within Udhewadi town. Our trip coordinators chose the second chance to stay at local homestylings.

Shrivardhan Fort (Balekilla) at Rajmachi

Shrivardhan is larger than its twin. It was used to keep an eye at the Borghat shipping track. The route towards this Shrivardhan post is easy as there are steps made of stone to a certain portion of the route. Later on you’ll need to walk over these stones. This is easy too. to avoid and flourish within the perspective of Rajmachi.

The other parts of the traditional plan will provide you with information about the achievements that our predecessors had. In the vicinity of Shrivardhan Fort you’ll see the Ulhas typical wretchedness below. You’ll also see the Kataldhar river in a distant location.

Rajmachi Caves

You can set up your camp within this cavern. The caves of Rajmachi are able to accommodate around forty people. It’s not easy to put up the perfect tent in this area, as it’s typically a breeze in the mountains. The most ideal place to stay to sleep is this cave situated on Shrivardhan stronghold.

Kalbhairavnath Temple

In the lower portion in Shrivardhan Fort is the sanctuary of Kalbhairavnath. It is also the place where you’ll be told about your camping experience for the night. The mountains around appear extremely high due to their proximity. The sanctuary was built using an old Konkani modern engineering.

Manaranjan Fort (Balekilla) at Rajmachi

Manaranjan Fort, very much as the name implies was a place for relaxation. In fact, there are rock-cut wash tubs filled with water from the most famous. From the top on the Manaranjan post, you will observe Palas Bahiri, Sinhagad, Raigad, Rajgad, Lohagad and several piles of Matheran in the morning sun. It’s a thrilling endeavor to determine which mountain is at the post. Palas Bahiri is clearly visible because of its closeness.

Kataldhar water near Rajmachi Forts

Kataldhar is one of the most famous cascade that is located in the Pune region. It’s also called the Horseshoe water due to its stunning curved form. It is the only water that is that is separated from the great storm. Although you’re it is a visit to Rajmachi be sure to keep 4 to 5 hours waiting to complete the Kataldhar cascade trip.

Godhaneshwar Shiva Temple

Apart from Lake, it may be a brand new Shiva sanctuary that goes in the past. This is a must-see place in Rajmachi. The subtleties of the etched design of this sacred volcanic stone structure will leave you amazed. The nearby lake adds an air of calm and peace to the current place.The most notable place for solo reflection is in Godhaneshwar Temple. Godhaneshwar Temple.

Kondane Caves :

About 14 kilometers far from Karjat station, located on Central Railway, and at the foundation of the ancient hill fortress of Rajmachi is the Kondane group of caverns. They first viewed in during the nineteenth century by Vishnu S. Sastri. Then soon after was were visited by the late the late Mr. Law, then, at that time, the in the authority of Thana. They’re atop a high scarp, and are hidden by the dense forest that surrounds them. Water flows down on the stones above them during a dramatic period of dry weather and has severely damaged the caves. It is now difficult to know whether the caves in Bhaja Caves is the oldest. They are likely to be close but not quite modern, and given that they likely had an opportunity to find the dates, they could overlap some. The Vihara in Kondane certainly appears more contemporary today, whereas the Chaitya is, in essence identical in layout and features as Bhaja is so damaged that it’s impossible to determine which one could be the first one to have been completed.

This cavern collection contains the 16 Buddhist caverns. The caves were discovered during the early century B.C. The growth of the wooden specimens is impressive. You can reach the cavern via a plunge into the cave from Rajmachi town.

Things to remember prior to your visit Kondana Caves

1. Consult your physician prior to choosing a trip.

2. Wear fair travelling gear.

3. Carry an overcoat when you are traveling during a storm.

4. Transport enough water as well as dry food items and emergency packs for treatment.

5. Distribute your approved drug.

6. Be careful as you travel through the beautiful vegetation.

7. It is recommended to go to the place at times of day, as guests are responsible for their own well-being.

Carvings in Kondana Caves

The old-fashioned models and carvings in the Kondana Caves are sure to delight you too. The models showcase people in beautiful dance poses, the ornaments remain intact thanks to massive Octagonal support points. Each area of these caverns is embellished with incredible precision and can be a pleasant surprise. Reflection units are a remarkable feature of the caverns, and provide an ideal place to reflect and contemplate.

Best Time To Visit Kondana Caves

The months of September through February are the ideal time to explore the Kondana caves since the weather is pleasant and dry, which makes it simple to stroll through the caves. From June to September is the most ideal time to visit for those who like a trip through a rainstorm through the lush vegetation surrounding the caves.

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