Toyota Yaris specifications & Price in Pakistan 2023

The Toyota is consider one of the best values in the automotive industry, and its popularity in the world. It can be easily attribute to its excellent economy, specifications as well as the new car model Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan 2023.

Best Price yaris in Pakistan 2023. It is a mid-sized vehicle manufacture by company Toyota. The second generation was launched in 2012 while, the third generation was launched in 2017. Apart from some exterior changes, the 2nd Generation offers enhanced fuel efficiency, improved safety features, and a new infotainment system.

Price of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan:

In this section, you can find the latest model of Toyota Yaris estimated price in Pakistan. These are the new updated price according to its variants:

GLI MT 1.3                                                3,829,000 PKR

1329cc, Manual, Petrol 

ATIV MT 1.3                                             4,039,000 PKR

1329cc, Manual, Petrol

GLI CVT 1.3                                              4,069,000 PKR

1329cc, Automatic, Petrol

ATIV CVT 1.3                                           4,239,000 PKR

1329cc, Automatic, Petrol

ATIV X MT 1.5                                         4,339,000 PKR

1496cc, Manual, Petrol

ATIV X CVT 1.5                                       4,609,000 PKR

1496cc, Automatic, Petrol

Toyota Yaris Interior:

The interior of the Toyota Yaris is clean and sleek. The steering wheel comes with control switches only in the top Variants. The option of tilting and adjusting the switches on the Toyota Yaris control audio and Bluetooth. Additionally, Multi-Information Display (MID) features in the top two variants.

As well as the inner door handles are chrome in the top two variants. Other standard features in all variants include power windows, central door locking, and a front personal lamp. Ac and heater are available in all variants, top the line two variants come with auto air conditioning and climate control.

Toyota Yaris Exterior:

The exterior design is sleek and glance. The front of the car adds a large, aggressive grille with small headlight clusters. The sides of the car are also sleek, with straight lines that continue up to the rear end.

The rear of the car is very beautiful headlights are also very dramatic. The exterior dimensions of all variants are 4425 mm long, and 1730 mm Wide with a Ground clearance of 175 mm. As for the weight, the Toyota Yaris 2023 weighs just 1185kg for all trims.

Features of Toyota Yaris:

The 2023 Toyota Yaris safety features include two airbags and a Mobilizer. The vehicle comes up with advanced features which include traction control, and hill start assists. Automatic emergency braking is also available when you are slowing down. It can detect lane assists which will steer your back into the center of the lane if you stray. If you accidentally lock your car keys inside it can unlock themselves from inside your pocket.

Infotainment and Entertainment system:

The lower four variants feature an in-dash touch Audio system with 3-line display while, the top 2 variants have an in-dash 6.8-inch touch screen the base 2 variants have 2 speakers, 1.3 ATIV variants have 4 speakers and top of the line two variants have 6 speakers in the car. There are two USB ports and allow of the models allow Bluetooth and AUX connectivity.

Toyota Yaris Engine Capacity:

The Toyota Yaris 2023 comes in six trims. All variant comes with an engine capacity of 1.5L and a transmission that is 5-speed automatic transmission as well as 7-speed CVT transmission. The new variant has a 1.3L & 1.5L four-cylinder gasoline engine with 16 Valves, with a capacity of 1329cc & 1496cc. Which are producing a horsepower of 98 to 106 and a torque of 123-140Nm.

Fuel Average of Toyota Yaris 2023:

A better fuel economy can help the environment reduce pollution levels. In General, the 1.3-liter engine consumes less fuel than the 1.5-liter engine. The 1.5-liter engine consumes 13KM/L on the other hand the 1.3-liter engine consumes 16KM/L, which is not too good for a fuel-efficient engine.

However, a bigger engine gives off greater power and makes it faster too. If you are looking for a vehicle that consumes less fuel then the Toyota Yaris with a 1.3 engine would be your best choice. The car comes with the fuel tank capacity of 42-liter.


The Toyota Yaris Car New Model 2023 has the following measurements: 4425 mm in length, 1740 mm in width, and 1480 mm in height.

Fuel tank volume

The Toyota Yaris Car New Model 2023 has a 42 L gasoline tank capacity.

Competitors of Toyota Yaris:

The new Toyota Yaris 2023 has competitors in the Pakistani market as other companies are offering sedans full of the latest features which include:

  • Honda City.
  • Proton Saga.
  • Changan Alsvin.

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