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Kamshet is well-known by the paragliding community for being a paradisaic spot for paragliding. It is hailed as the Paragliding Capital of India. The state is Maharashtra and surrounded with The Western Ghats and dotted with the Sahyadri Mountains’ beauty. Kamshet is a thriving area of the fauna and flora. Particularly, it is situated within Kamshet, which is located in the Pune district within Maharashtra, India.

The paragliding portion is governed by Sanjay Rao and Astric Rao. Sanjay Rao introduced the sport of paragliding in the year 1996. The couple has owned land within Kamshet from 1994. They realized the benefits of paragliding in the hills of this area and established Nirvana Adventure at the end of 1997. Because of this it has brought about an enormous shift in the perception of the remoteness of Kamshet. This is continuing to increase.


The town is situated within situated in Pune District of Maharashtra, India, it is located 110 kilometers away from Mumbai and 45 km from Pune. It is also 16 km from the two hill stations located in Khandala as well as Lonavala. Kamhset is comprised of small villages which are built in the traditional manner – made of the use of mud, thatch and the reeds.


Kamshet is a hot semi-arid climate throughout the year with temperatures ranging between 19 and 33 degrees Celsius. The months of April and May are characterized by the most intense flashes as the temperature rises up to 42 degrees celsius. Winters are extreme on one end as temperatures can drop as high as 10 degrees celsius in the night. But, the typical daytime temperature ranges from 26 to 26 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall is close to 763 millimeters.

A lot of tourists who visit here attempt paragliding, and also go to Vadivali Lake, Uksan Village to enjoy its tranquility. Nirvana Adventures runs training programmes for paragliding at Kamshet which is located 12km far from Lonavala. Training begins from October through June and lasts for nearly eight months.


You can expect authentic Maharashtrian food. Some of the most sought-after dishes to try include ZunkaBhakar as well as Misal Pav.


Paragliding is best enjoyed during the time period from October through the month of May, in Lonavala and Kamshet however the monsoon is from June to the end of September across India. Paragliding is the most sought-after activity in the area. It is recommended not to try paragliding during monsoons because of the powerful winds. Be sure to go to the falls during cool winters and hot summers. Waterfalls flow in the monsoon time.

Let’s look at the top things to do in Kamshet!


The place offers paragliding options for all types of people with paragliding classes for those who are just starting out and are looking to learn about the sport in a proper manner. Nirvana adventures is the most popular organization that organizes and offers programs for paragliding. There are many other activities for adventure, such as water sports and rock climbing that are offered in the area. There are many spots for paragliding here like Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Cliff, Tower Hill and Shelar.

It is one of the best places in India to experience the joy of paragliding fully. With numerous professional gliding training instructors and schools Kamshet is the parasailing hub that allows you to safely experience the sport , and leave you with a lasting impression.


This artificial water body has taken out the beauty of nature incredible sunsets, fresh air, grassy pastures , and high hills. Its proximity and proximity to Mumbai, Lonavala, and particularly Pune makes it a great weekend getaway for families as well as those who are looking forward to spending time in a serene lake in a relaxed manner. Pawana Lake and its nearby areas are stunning, yet unexplored , and provide great opportunities to spend some one-on-one time with nature.


It is famous for its stunning, captivating sculptures, and the caves have four 25-foot tall pillars. The main cave , known as”Chaitya” is an altar that houses the magnificent stupa, sculpted by hand. The caves that you can explore include The vihara, and also the monastery. It is recommended to go to Bedsa Caves early in the early morning, since both caves face towards the east and offer views from the sun’s rays.

It is situated a little away to Kamshet, Bhedsa Caves as are a group of cut rock Buddhist monuments dating back to the year 60 BC. And it is often referred to by the name of Bedse Caves, it is one of the caves with the longest history in Maharashtra that date from in the Satvahana period.


Shinde wadi hills can be described as paragliding take-off spots and stop on the top of a hill. This is a great spot for new paragliders since the take-off height is just 100- 200 feet above the ground. According to the history Madhavrao Shinde’s soldiers were believed to have been ambushed firing from the top of the Shinde wadi in the course of fight with the British.

This is it folks! Be sure to test every suggestion we offer. Until next time.

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