Anyone can do this sport. Even if you’re new to physical activity and have skipped the pool in the past, it’s never too late to start! talks about the advantages of this sport with lifeguard recertification.

The effect of water on the body starts from the skin

Washing the body of a floating person cleans the skin, improves his nutrition, gives him the opportunity to “breathe”.

When a person is in water, the metabolism increases in his body. The difference in thermal conductivity is even greater – 25 times. Therefore, in water, the body produces 50-80% more heat than in air.

Swimming improves the function of the lungs and respiratory muscles. When you swim, the deepest parts of your lungs begin to work. This is an excellent prevention against stagnation in them.

Swimming hardly loads the joints

Swimming is essential for those with body asymmetry

Scoliosis. Movements in the water are strictly symmetrical. If you work the right and left sides differently, you will float in a circle. And in order to swim in a straight line, you will have to strain all muscle groups equally.

Swimming is the most non-traumatic sport

Swimming is very beneficial during pregnancy.

In order for training to be beneficial and enjoyable, it is best to start swimming with a professional coach who will take into account the characteristics of your body and develop a series of exercises specifically for you.

Improves Blood Circulation

Swimming is naturally great at improving circulation and this helps your body deliver more oxygen to all its vital organs such as the brain and heart.

It offers Fun

Above all, swimming in the sea is fun and there are few things better for your overall well-being than participating in an activity that we find fun.

Swimming in the sea and combining it with vacations has helped hundreds of people to relax, rest and rejuvenate physically and mentally!


The third element is water resistance . Water offers constant resistance in any range of motion we do. We can explore a whole different space of how our body can move. When we get in the pool, this constant resistance allows us to work out multi-layered and in all those ways that are harder on the ground.

Flexibility in water is increased

So exercises are performed in a greater range of motion and muscles are worked at different angles that are otherwise difficult. So due to the resistance that the water exerts on our body and by extension on our movements, we have more time to perform an exercise, so we do it more correctly, with the ultimate result and benefit of not having the possibility of muscle injury!

How did the myth that adults can’t learn to swim come about?

The fact that children can easily learn new things has created the idea that only at a young age is it possible to learn more complex sports, such as swimming.

On the other hand, this does not mean that it is impossible to learn something new as adults. Older people can acquire new knowledge but it will be a little harder for the brain to put it into practice.

What do you need to do as an adult to learn to swim?

In the swimming pool

If after what we mentioned, you realized that learning to swim does not “know” age, and you are wondering what is the next step to get into the water, read carefully what we will tell you below.

The first step is to find the ideal pool for you. Before deciding where it will be, we suggest you take into account:

  • Easy access, i.e. close to your home or work.
  • If the coaches are Graduates of Physical Education with a specialization in swimming or other certifications.
  • If your space looks pleasant and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Initially prefer pools that you step on, you will feel more secure. When you are now independent, look for deeper pools.

Swimming is fun

And this is not something that should be overlooked. It is of great importance as this will probably be the most important motivation for someone not to give up training. If you consider that about half of people who try a new type of exercise give it up within a few months, then you should know that those who choose swimming are much more likely to stick with it for the reason we already mentioned.

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