The Essential Guide on Fixing QuickBooks Error 6143

It is frustrating whenever a software application throws up an unexpected error. It can be more annoying when there seems to be no logical explanation of the error or when tracking the source of it seems implausible. Such is the nature of QuickBooks error 6143, which is typically an error when you cannot open the company file in an accounting software called QuickBooks.

In this article, we will be discussing why QuickBooks company file error code 6143 occurs and then we will show you how to fix it once and for all. With step by step instructions and expert insights, you’ll be able to get QuickBooks up and running once again and get back to accounting tasks quickly.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 6143 and What are its symptoms?

Whenever there is an issue while opening or restoring a company file in QuickBooks, you may see the typical QB error code 6143. The message can read: “Error 6143: The file you specifie cannot be open.” This will stop you from accessing the financial records and will prevent from operating certain tasks in QuickBooks.

Some other signs and symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 6143 include:

  • Company file cannot be access or restor. The error will mostly result in a failure to open or restore a company file.
  • You will see the message “Error 6143: The file you specifie cannot be open” on your screen.
  • Corruption in the company file could possibly be the cause of the error, preventing QuickBooks from reading the file 6 Common Reasons for QuickBooks Company correctly.
  • The inability to access financial data is the most major symptom of QuickBooks Error 6143, which can have a significant effect on your day-to-day tasks.

Reason you see the error on your screen

There can be various factors that can cause trouble while accessing or opening the company file. But for QB error code 6143, there are 6 most common reasons that are often behind the reason you see the error on your screen:

  • The company file is corrupt, causing QuickBooks to be unable to retrieve the data from
  • File path contains invalid characters or have other issues, such as the file has been moved but the path has not been update
  • Incompatibility issues between QuickBooks version that created the company file and the version that is trying to open it
  • Antivirus or firewall (security system) or both prevent the software from functioning smoothly
  • Common problems with your network
  • corrupted installation of QuickBooks
  • Missing software libraries and other essential components in Windows operating system (like .NET framework)

Two Most Common and Effective Ways to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 6143

No matter what cause the error, you can follow the advice given below on resolving the error quickly. Here we are discussing two of the most frequently recommended methods on resolving the quickbooks error 6143 : repairing the company file and checking for errors in the name and path of the company file.

Repair Damaged Company File

Use File Doctor (Par of QuickBooks Tool Hub) to repair your company file after it has been damage due to data corruption.

  • Get Tool Hub from QuickBooks Website
  • Open it and then open company file issues à Open File Doctor
  • ‘File Doctor’ may take a minute or two to start. Once it is open, browse to the company file and select it.
  • Let ‘File Doctor’ take its time to scan the file to identify any issues that may prevent and ultimately fix them.
  • Go back to QuickBooks and try to open the file that was giving you the error. If QB error 6143 isn’t fix yet, move to the next method.

Rename Company File

Company file may have been incorrectly named that can cause errors in its file path. If you identify any invalid characters, remove them. But to fix all issues caused by the invalid or incorrectly named company file, simply rename it manually.

  • Open QuickBooks and press F2 key from your keyboard. This will open the product information window. Note down the location of your company file.
  • Open file explorer by pressing Windows Key + E and then go to the location of your company file.
  • One very common reason for the invalid file path is to mistakenly include space at the end of the file name. Check that there are no spaces in your file name, especially at the end of it.
  • Verify that there are no special characters like “/” (forward slash) or “:” in the file path as well. There can be special or invalid characters in the path if the name of the folders contain those characters. If so, rename the folders.
  • A generally accepted practice is to not keep the company file inside several nested folders. Storing the file somewhere deep in the folder structure will also increase the total number of characters for the file path, which also introduces several problems.

Get started with QuickBooks by running the program and try to load the renamed company file again. Check if the error is resolve. If you are receiving an error after renaming it carefully, it means you need to try another method of resolve QB company file error code 6143.

You should also keep in mind that if you received the error while restoring from a backup file, all the naming conventions apply to the backup file as well. This means that you should verify that the backup file doesn’t have issues with the invalid characters in the filename and file path.

More Guidelines on Company File and Hosting

Solutions above didn’t work for you, here are some more tips and guidelines on getting rid of QB error code 6143:

  • If the company file is being host on a server and being share across the network to other users, you have to make sure it is being host only by the server machine. Check all the workstations to make sure they are all on single-user mode. Open the file menu and then open the sub-menu from Utilities, and if you see the option to stop hosting, it means that machine was on multi-user mode and you need to switch it back to single-user.

  • It is generally recommit to store the QuickBooks company file on a hard drive or network attached storage (NAS) instead of a cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft’s OneDrive or Google’s Drive. It is also advise not to keep the file on a removable drive like USB Flash drive.
  • You need to configure your network and the server in a way that is optimized for QuickBooks. Make sure that the file is host on a fast and reliable network connection and security systems like Antivirus and firewall programs are not causing the software to be block.

Check the access rights and permissions.

Go to the company folder, right-click on it and open the Properties dialog box. It’s generally advise to limit the users who have access to the QuickBooks company file.

Regularly perform maintenance tasks. One of the recommend tasks is to verify and rebuild data using QuickBooks inbuilt Utility. Open File menu and then open Utilities sub-men and select verify data. If after verification, you receive errors, the utility will prompt you to rebuild the database. Make sure to perform verify and rebuild data task regularly.

Final Key Advice: Get Professional Support

By following the advice in this article, we are confident that most of the users receiving QuickBooks error code 6143 will be able to resolve it in time. But we also know that with every technical and software related error, there are few exceptions. Some cases involve this error cannot be tackle with the general advice and common strategies. You need to identify the causes using a more advanced troubleshooting method. If you happen to find yourself stuck with such exceptions, the best course of action for you would be to give us a call and get in touch with our professional support team.

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