The Best Ways to Style Your Console Table

You may be thinking that you need a lamp or vase, but a simple table lamp can do the trick. You can also add an arrangement of flowers or greenery. If you have limited space, consider using a bookcase or stack of books on the table to add some interest. Whether you have a small or large table, there are several ways to style it to fit your space. Keeping a few key elements together will make your space appear more organized and beautiful.


Console table lamps are great options for adding illumination to a living room. They are versatile enough to fit a variety of aesthetics, from modern to traditional. Choose a traditional style by choosing lamps from brands like George Kovacs and Hubbardton Forge. Modern styles can be found from Visual Comfort. The table lamp you choose will have to complement the rest of the decor in the room. It’s also important to choose the right surface for your lamp.

One way to highlight a large framed vase is to pair it with a smaller, less traditional lamp. It helps to accentuate the sentimental objects. A small non-traditional shaped lamp can add warmth to the area and provide ambient lighting. A rattan ball lamp, for example, is 7 inches tall and doubles as a decorative object when not in use. If you don’t want to use your table as an extra surface, you can place a candle or a small lantern in its base.

Once you’ve selected the right height for your console table, the next step is choosing a lamp for the table. The size of a console table lamp depends on the purpose for which it will be placed. You may want to opt for a taller lamp for a large mirror, while a shorter one will fit a smaller console. Depending on the size of the console table, you can also pick shorter lamps to break up a big space.


If you’re stuck for ideas on how to style your Sheesham Wood Console Tables, here are some great tips to get you started. Console tables don’t have a lot of surface area, so it’s best to keep the decor simple. Instead of trying to fit too many accessories on top, try adding a few key items that will make your console table pop. Using varying heights to create visual interest is a great way to create a sense of drama.

Begin by finding a muse. If you’re stuck, try a rug or piece of art that inspires you. Keep colors to a minimum – at most, three or four shades. You can experiment with different combinations and mix-and-match them. A good rule of thumb is to limit colors to three or four. This way, you won’t end up overpowering the space with too many accents.

A showpiece mirror and statement wall art are two ways to style your console table. Choose a single showpiece piece or a grouping of four to six prints to create a statement-making piece. Choose a piece of art that spans half to two-thirds of the table’s width. Opt for wall art that adds dimension to the space. Keep in mind that art should hang six inches above the table.

Storage solutions

If you have a small space and are concerned about maximizing storage space, a console table is an ideal option. These tables are shallow and usually placed flush against the back of a couch or against a wall. Console tables are great for maximizing space and can showcase your home’s style and personality. You can buy narrow versions of larger tables from Furniture Store Online to maximize your space and hide unsightly clutter. Here are some tips to maximize storage space on your console table.

Consider placing your console table near a window or a wall with a navy accent. However, it can be difficult to find a console table that can be placed against the wall without taking up valuable floor space. A narrow console table can be placed against a window or navy accent wall. Alternatively, you can store stools underneath the table, which you can slide out to put on your shoes and slide back in. These are a great option for tiny rooms, but keep in mind that they require a lot of space.

Depending on the available space, a console table may require more space than the average furniture piece. If you are short on space, make sure that you purchase one with more storage than you need. Ideally, the console table should have at least three feet of storage space. However, if this isn’t possible, you may have to rearrange some furniture in the room to make it fit. The height of your console table is important, but so are its width and depth.


A console table can be made to look elegant and sophisticated by placing a mirror above it. The mirrored table will create a sense of brightness and openness, while adding a focal point to the room. It is important to choose a mirror proportionate to the console table to avoid overcrowding the space. Here are some tips to choose the right mirror for your console table:

Measure the height and width of the console table before installing a mirror above it. It should be half the width and three-quarters the height. A mirror over a console table should be 30 to 42 inches high to achieve the right visual balance. Besides being eye-catching, a mirror over a console table can also balance the height and width of the table. Just make sure the mirror is not so wide that it dwarfs the table. Also, make sure that the bottom edge of the mirror is at least 6 inches above the tabletop to avoid disorienting the visual balance.

Look for decorative mirrors that complement the color of the wall. Choose ones with a geometric pattern. Mirrors on console tables can help bring the overall color scheme of the room together. Try displaying decorative art over the top of the table to bridge the visual gap. Make sure that you center them properly over the furniture. You can also offset mirrors and wall art above a console table. This way, the decor on top of the table will act as a visual bridge between the walls and the pieces of furniture.

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