My Civil Services Coaching Journey with Eden IAS

Civil Services Coaching

It was in the year 2015 when I visited Trade Fare at Delhi for the 1st time. There was some theft that has occurred there which created a chaos. Delhi police officials were calls to be present and find out the one who did it. Every segment of the officials on duty were on high active mode. At the same time, I saw the then Commissioner of Police at the place. Everyone was stuns to see such a personality. Then enter an IAS officer, for which even the Commissioner of Police was saluting. This was the point, the instance which created so many questions in my mind. And for the first-time u heard the word Civil Services and Civil Services Coaching.

The Perspective of Civil Services Coaching

In order to start a journey anyone must have a perspective about a particular theme, a thing, or the career a person is thinking to continue or to make future in. The instances at Trade Fair triggered in me the curiosity and need and want to make career in the field of Civil Services for which i have to crack the Civil Services Examination.

The Beginning

Years passed, after in the year 2021

I started enquiring about the best Civil Services Coaching in Delhi. Being a localite travelling was easier for me so I visit the place calls the Hub of UPSC Civil Services Coaching, Karol Bagh (Old Rajender Nagar). 

While visiting I found Eden IAS providing foundation courses in both online and offline modes to prepare thoroughly for the Civil Services Examination. LAKSHYA and UTKARSH were the best foundation courses in the whole area. 

The Journey 

My journey started with Eden IAS in both the modes with the course UTKARSH. The best faculty, material, mentoring, guidance, and all the help I could get from here. It has been a great path of competence and learning. It is still continuing, and I am prepare to give my 1st attempt in the year 2023. Hoping for the best results. Eden IAS provided me full support in all way possible to do the Civil Services Coaching and to crack the exam in my 1st attempt.

Ace UPSC CSE with Eden IAS’s Utkarsh.

One of the most popular courses offered by Eden IAS is Utkarsh. It’s a one-year program. It is a perfect amalgamation of preparation and revision.

The initial four months are devotes to grasping the concepts – GS papers, Ethics, Essays everything is covers in great detail. Utkarsh civil services coaching has these NCERT and current affairs modules which are provides to the students. The concept is crisp and is compiles lucidly. Here, the lectures are conducts covering topics that are overlapping in both the examinations i.e., Prelims and Mains.

For better and effective understanding, one subject is taken at a time, and that too amidst a class strength of not more than 70 students. This is done so that a one-to-one interactive approach can be follows throughout. After that, Eden IAS focuses on targeted revision that spans good 8 months.

It divide’s into 5 stages:

  • Mission Prelims: Herein, candidates are made to revise the GS papers for 3 months. In addition to that, the Previous Year Test papers are discuss in detail. Students are given comprehensive and timely current affairs updates. This stage culminates with the students appearing for the All-India Prelims test series.
  • Mission Mains: Herein, GS paper revision, PYQ analysis, and current affairs updates are supplemented with enrichment of marks scoring area and advance answer writing practice sessions. This stage also involves the All-India Prelims test series.
  • Enrichment course: It focuses on ethics case studies, essay answer writing, crisp lectures on Union Budget and Economic Survey with a lucid yearbook compilation, and map marking sessions.
  • Numerous sessions on current affairs updating are also there to prepare the students for the interview in addition to the Mains examination.
  •  STEPS: “Stay on Track and Enrich your Preparation” is an advance answer writing course wherein you can practice answer writing for each of the GS papers. The faculty is so experience that they will just take a day to evaluate your answers and will return it back with individual feedback.
  • Interview Guidance Program: It’s a program wherein the aspirants are guided on how to fill the Detailed Application Form (DAF) and ace the interview with grace.

This civil services coaching sums up to an excellent way of preparing for the Civil Services Examination (CSE). Visit to know more.

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