Kunti Betta Trek


This nighttime trek will take you to Kunti Betta, where you can enjoy the stunning views from 2882 feet. Enjoy the views of sugarcane and paddy fields as well as the coconut trees at the foothills. You can avoid transportation problems with pick-up/drop-off services from and to Bangalore. You can enjoy the walk with the guidance of a guide and learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the area. Enjoy the warmth and company of your loved ones as you climb. Enjoy time with friends, kayaking or swimming in the freshwater lake.

Trekking Experiences

Kunti Betta Night Hike is one of the most popular and thrilling trekking experiences near Bangalore. Pandavapura, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, offers a beautiful view of Pandavapura Lake. You should consider going on nighttime hiking adventures as the area is home to a large number of fireflies that are in danger of disappearing. Kunti Betta is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle. This location is surrounded by sugarcane fields, paddy farms, and coconut palms, which give it a striking and captivating appearance. The stunning scenery at this location, which stands at 2882 feet elevation, will make you feel refreshed.

A few rocks have incredible shapes. A crocodile-face rock offers a bird’s-eye view of the whole area. Some pebbles shaped like utensils were used by the Pandavas to cook their food. You can also find Bheemana pada, which are giant footprint-like formations. Kunti Betta, with its historic significance and stunning natural beauty, is a wonderful spot to unwind and share some quiet time with loved ones.

How do you get there?

Kunti Betta’s Kunti Betta Walk will begin at 10:00 PM and finish at midnight. This thrilling journey can be enjoyed by taking advantage of the pick-up/drop-off services from and to Bangalore. You will be able to hike the Kunti Betta at night once you have reached the base village. You can unwind and cleanse your body from the urban grind by ascending Kunti Betta’s steep hills. Enjoy a bonfire at the top while taking in the stunning sunrise over the city below. To help you get energy back, a delicious breakfast will be served as you descend to the base. To feel more energetic, you can participate in activities on the lake like kayaking and swimming. The Kunti Betta hiking package will leave you with many wonderful memories. You can then return to Bangalore.


Trekking –

Hiking is a great sport on the rugged slopes and winding roads. Hiking will increase your blood pressure and add excitement to your trip. Kunti Betta also offers nighttime hiking. Night hikes can be thrilling and very interesting. Trekking through the forest allows you to explore this beautiful area and enjoy its picturesque charm.

Camping –

You can also pitch your tent and live there surrounded by lush green trees and rocky hills. Kunti Betta. Camping here will give you the feeling of being in nature. Campers are the best way to enjoy this beautiful area’s beauty. Kunti Betta offers tranquility and immersion in nature. Your holiday will be unforgettable thanks to the combination of forests and hills.

Kunti Kund :

As you relax and enjoy the tranquility, your feet will be able to plunge into the water. You can even take a dip in the cold water to help relax your tight muscles.

Kunti Temple :

It attracts many visitors. This is a significant pilgrimage site where people gather to pray and ask for blessings. Be sure to stop at this sacred temple before you begin your climb up the hill.

Parikrama Point :

Parikrama Point offers spectacular views of the whole area. This spot can provide a panoramic view of the entire area. Because of the mist, thick greenery and hills, this spot offers spectacular views. If you are looking for wonder and amazement, this is the place to visit.

Thonnur lake:

The lake, located 10 km from Kunti Betta is a calm, bubbling lake. Thonnur lake is an ideal spot for relaxation, as it is surrounded with beautiful, green trees. The surrounding area of this lake is also stunning, with lush, green trees everywhere. It is possible to feel connected to the natural world by spending a few minutes here.

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