How to Draw a Boy

Learn how to draw a great-looking Boy with easy, step-by-step instructions . You can directly easily create a lovely Boy drawing.

Human characters form the basis of many cartoons and works of art. This can be seen even in the oldest known cave paintings containing human forms. Throughout the record, people have enjoyed drawing other people and themselves.

The rather popular cartoon character in history is spoken to be Mr. Syntax, an eccentric school teacher created by a British artist in 1809. He was also the first character to enjoy marketing tie-ins, with several products bearing his likeness.

Since then, the number of cartoon boys and fellows has evolved too numerous. Whether you want to draw a fictional character or someone you know, this tutorial on drawing a child is a great place to start.

This step-by-step drawing guide will teach you the basics of capturing the human form and face. All you will require is a pencil and a sheet of paper. New lines added to the drawing are shown in blue at each step.

You can also use an eraser to correct mistakes and remove guidelines and coloring tools to shade your finished drawing.

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Step-by-step instructions for drawing a boy.

Step 1

Start by using curved lines to outline the face and jawline.

Step 2

Draw the hair that crosses over the forehead by connecting short, curved lines at sharp points.

Step 3

A long, curved line outlines each ear, completely covering the face. Inside each ear, use curved lines to add detail.

Step 4

Extend curved tubes from the ears, up and over the front to outline the hair. At the crown or back of the head, draw strands of hair with short, curved lines that meet at a point.

step 5

Extend two short, curved lines down the face to form the neck. Draw a “U” shaped line from one side of the collar to the other, outlining the shirt collar.

Step 6

Extend a short, curved line from each side of the neck to form the child’s shoulders. Then enclose a curved rectangle below the shoulders to create the boy‘s torso.

Step 7

Draw the sleeves that extend from the shoulders. To draw the nearby sleeve, draw a set of parallel curved lines and connect them using a curved line. For the furthest sleeve, use two curved lines to enclose a triangle shape.

step 8

Draw the feeder using a sequel of curved lines. Notice how the lines meet at an angle to form the elbow crook and how the stripes meet near the end of the arm.

step 9

Erase the guidelines on the shirt and arm.

step 10

Draw the other arm using curved lines, again noting the elbow and the narrowing of the peninsula.

step 11

Draw the hands. Use a series of curved stripes to outline each hand. You can use long lines in a “U” shape to form the fingers. Don’t forget the curved tubes that count detail to the palms.

step 12

Detail the shirt. Draw a curved line parallel to the end of each sleeve and a “U” shaped line along the neckline. Then draw wavy lines across the torso to give the shirt a fun pattern.

step 13

Draw the leg using curved lines. Note the zipper detail and the curved lines indicating crinkled creases at the bottom of the pant leg.

step 14

Repeat this process to draw the other leg, again noting the detail on the bottom of the leg.

step 15

Draw a shoe using curved pipes for the top and bottom and a straight cable for the rear of the shoe. Draw another curved line parallel to the shoe’s sole to indicate the sole.

step 16

Repeat this process to draw the second shoe, creating a mirror picture.

 step 17

Use one short, straight line and two curved lines to enclose each brow.

step 18

Outline each eye using a curved line for the cheek, and an inverted “U” shaped line to enclose the shape. Inside each eye, draw a large circle. Then draw two smaller circles inside the first one—shade between the small and large hoops to indicate the scholar.

step 19

Draw the beak using a small curved line and a dot to point to the nostril. Give the child a smile by drawing an extensive curved line that intersects with a small curved line on the cheek. Draw a slight curve below the mouth to indicate the chin.

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