How Can Holographic Shipping Box Boost Sales of Your Product?

Wrapping a product in visually attractive packaging is a great marketing technique to boost sales. The design and style of the final product at the display have a massive role in attracting consumers. Moreover, an excellent cover depicts the worth of the product as well. 

For these reasons, we bring to you a holographic mailer box, which is elegant and does not fail to charm the customer. This article will discuss the benefits of using this packaging method. But before moving on to that, we must know what an actual holographic box is.

What Is a Holographic Box Packaging?

A holographic box is one of the packaging items famous for its distinctive looks. Its glossy outlook maintained by bright holographic streaks offers an incredible sight. There are several reasons for retailers to opt for these boxes concerning the packing of their products. 

Customers prefer classy packaging over a boring brown-colored box; hence holographic box packaging is valuable. Moreover, its rates are economical, and you can also order a set of brand-customized cartons. This approach will help boost your sales since your product now looks unique. 

Advantages of Holographic Mailer Box

There are many reasons which can convince you to shift towards holographic boxes. Let’s discuss a few vital ones. 

Environment Friendly 

We should not hesitate to take steps for the safety of the earth since it is already damaged enough. Unlike plastic, holographic boxes are eco-friendly packaging items with 100% recyclability. It does not contribute to any pollution type even by a single percent. Being responsible citizens, we must replace plastic with holographic boxes which look classy and are safe for our atmosphere.


A Holographic mailer box features a graceful design on its exterior and interior. It is enough for customers to receive the product well. It does not matter if you own a cosmetic, jewelry, or shoe shop; using holographic boxes will have you witness a remarkable increase in trade. Moreover, the box’s colorful visuals are enough to ditch the hassles of gift wrapping for the customer. 


The packaging material used in holographic boxes costs pretty cheap. You can save much money and direct the remaining budget towards their customization. Your product will not only present a visually appealing sight but will also have a unique identity. 

Exclusive Add-Ons 

Besides personalizing the size and design of a holographic shipping box, you can also add a few extraordinary things. It can be colorful ribbons, hand-written notes, a cute stamp, or glass windows: this approach will enhance the worth of your product like never before. 


Holographic boxes are pretty substantial as built from OPP or polyester material. They are rigid, stable, and highly qualified. Moreover, these packaging cartons have no safety risks, even for kids. 

Window-based Holographic Box Packaging

The packaging of any product leaves the first impression on the consumers. If it is boring, then they are less likely to invest some bucks. However, if you incorporate some exciting elements into it, we can vouch for massive sales. 

A holographic mailer box with a window can be a compelling addition. It looks pretty and also allows the customer to peak into the product. Usually, such packaging techniques are used by food, cosmetics, or tissues seller. If your product needs some transformation, changing its wrapping item can help. 

Final Verdict 

Holographic box packaging is an ideal alternative to regular environment-harming packaging materials, be it plastic or cardboard. It looks stylish, has a cheap cost, and works fine as a marketing strategy. Customers will buy your products more often if you wrap them in attractive boxes. The best part is that these cartons are 100% reusable, causing no damage to our surroundings. 

So what’s the wait for? Make your shelves look interesting by replacing those boring brown cartons with intriguing holographic shipping boxes. 


Q: Which material is used in a holographic shipping box?

A: All holographic boxes have either of two materials: oriented polypropylene or polyester. The micro-embossing technique can transform typical light into radiant colors, giving the much-hyped elegant look to the boxes.

Q: Why do retailers widely prefer holographic mailer boxes?

A: These packaging boxes have a glossy, colourful, and vibrant appearance to attract customers. Moreover, it is relatively cheap as well. Retailers consider the marketing value of these packaging cartons over any other option. 

Q: What is a customized holographic mailer box?

A: Customized holographic boxes are unique to your brand and product. It is of a perfectly fitting size as the item you sell while having your brand logo. This personalization approach is instrumental in maintaining the unique identity of your business. 

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