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Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for connecting with your Instagram followers. People who see stories about businesses are more likely than others to send them messages based on the stories they have viewed. Instagram is an ever-evolving platform. It is crucial to stir your audience to make a lasting impression emotionally.

In January 2018, Instagram Stories added the GIFs feature. This allowed brands to increase their real Instagram followers and helped people build a personal connection to the brand. Today’s consumers are more than looking for a product or a service.

GIFs are one feature of Instagram that will help you connect with the right people and build an Instagram followers base. More IG followers will translate into more comments, Instagram views, and other engagement metrics that can help boost your business’ growth.


What is a GIF?

Steve Wilhite introduced the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) in 1987. However, its popularity has increased to make it seem more recent. These images illustrate a specific state of being with humor.

Instagram’s GIF feature in Stories is possible thanks to a collaboration between GIPHY. There are a variety of animated stickers and moving pictures that you can choose from.

How to add GIFs to Instagram Stories

  • It is straightforward to post GIFs on Instagram Stories.

Take the photo or video that you wish to upload to Instagram Stories. Next, click on the sticker icon in the upper right corner of the Stories section. You can click on the sticker icon to open a menu that will allow you to view hashtags, poll questions, location, and the GIF feature.

GIPHY’s GIF feature allows you to access an extensive library of GIFs by clicking on it. You’ll see the most popular GIFs, and you can also search for the GIF you want to share with your IG followers.

Drag and reposition a GIF that you like. You can resize or pin your GIF by tapping and holding it if it’s part of a video.

  • It’s that easy!
  • GIFs are a great way to promote your brand.
  • Get to know your audience better.

GIFs give Instagram users the personal touch and emotional connection they are looking for. GIFs allow you to communicate your brand’s personality. This will enable you to attract more followers and increase your reach on IG.

Stay digitally relevant

GIFs can help you stay relevant in a changing digital world. They will also show that you care about staying on top of the latest trends. GIFs can also indicate a bit of humor and get your Instagram followers to fall in love. This will ultimately increase sales and help your business grow.

You will see a rise in engagement

Your Instagram followers will feel more connected to your brand if they feel that way. This would result in more likes, comments, and other metrics on IG. Instagram will interpret this positively. This engagement will increase your visibility on the platform.

Keep your Instagram followers happy

Engaging your Instagram followers creatively with GIFs will help you retain them. People don’t understand text-heavy content. It is also easier to forget. GIFs use movable images to draw and keep your audience. This will allow you to make a more significant impact on your actual Instagram followers.

Make creative graphics and save time

Instagram’s GIFs give you access to thousands of pre-made GIFs you can use to increase your business growth. Save your time and focus on other aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy.

You can help the story-telling process by adding your voice

Your Instagram followers can go on a journey using the content you post. You can also add the right GIFs to enhance the experience. You can make your brand’s story stand out by adding GIFs to your stories.

Creatively promote products and events

GIFs can be used with your Stories to highlight your brand’s products or services. These are more engaging and will be more popular with your Instagram followers.

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CTAs are a way to get the attention of your audience

Many people scroll through Stories on Instagram and don’t pay much attention to the content. This is not what you want for your brand. CTAs are essential in every marketing message. However, they will only be effective if your audience is on the CTA. With a CTA, GIFs can direct your audience’s attention. These images stand out from your IG story and can grab your followers’ attention.

Text can be brought to life

You can add a GIF or animated GIF to a text-heavy story to increase engagement. You can make your text stand out by adding stars, sparkles, and other shiny content. This will help you attract the attention of your Instagram fans. This will make it more exciting, and they may remember what you say.

Get your audience involved

GIFs can engage your audience and gain access to user-generated content. Ask your IG followers to follow a trending GIF in line with your brand’s theme or marketing message.

GIFs: React

You can make your IG followers part of your journey, no matter your mood, by sharing reactions with your Stories. GIPHY can provide it.

Pin GIFs to Tell Stories

You can surprise your Instagram followers if you plan to post videos to Stories. Pina GIF to your video to ensure it only appears during the selected portion. Tap and hold the GIF to pin it to the video section that interests you.


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