Business ideas with solar panels that you can undertake

Solar Panels Sales Does the business with solar panels have a future? Photovoltaic panels and solar energy have become a great resource not only for companies or homes looking for a more profitable and cleaner source of energy but also for people looking for a business opportunity.

Thanks to the growing demand we can see how several companies are beginning to emerge today.

Despite this, many new brands are only dedicated to the distribution of solar panels, which is good, however, there are other options that you can choose and in this blog, we give you some business ideas with solar panels.


Business ideas with solar panels

Audits in photovoltaic installations
Sale of solar panels
Installation of solar panels
Cleaning and maintenance
sun farm
public solar energy

Solar Panel Business Ideas

The business with solar panels is growing, these are some ideas that you can undertake in the solar energy market.

1. Audits in photovoltaic installations

One of the businesses that you can undertake in the photovoltaic market is auditing or consulting for photovoltaic installations.

In other words, guide end customers on the solar installation details that best suit them, the consumption they must cover, the number of Solar Panels Sales, types of inverter, etc.

You just have to keep in mind that you must be trained and have knowledge not only of solar energy but also of the facilities, brands, and other details.

2. Sale of solar panels

Likewise, you can dedicate yourself exclusively to the sale of solar panels and photovoltaic accessories, that is, everything that may be needed during installation, such as tools, materials, accessories, parts, etc.

In this business, more than anything, you must have knowledge about the brands, prices, and technical aspects of the products.

3. Installation of solar panels

Another business idea with solar panels is the installation of the same, you can offer the option of doing the project from scratch, that is, from the planning or the following one previously established.

Here you must have knowledge of both the process of obtaining solar energy, the photovoltaic installation, its different elements, and brands, among others. As well as having a team prepared theoretically and technically.

Remember to certify yourself for domestic, commercial, industrial projects, farms, etc. This way you can reach a larger audience.

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4. Cleaning and maintenance

Likewise, a service that you can offer or even undertake as a business is the cleaning and maintenance service for solar panels, as well as for the maintenance of solar inverters and their other elements.

In this sense, you must have knowledge about the complete photovoltaic system, the care it requires, warnings, and good practices, to name a few.

5. Training

If you have great theoretical and technical knowledge of solar energy and photovoltaic systems, a great business opportunity for you is team training.

Different types of solar panel businesses are constantly looking for training for their team, so you can provide this service.

Also remember to be updating your knowledge on the subject, as well as on the norms or rules dictated by the authorities.

6. Solar Farm

Another business with solar panels that you can undertake is solar farms, that is, installation of solar panels on a large scale and providing clean energy to a community.

7. Public solar energy

Likewise, the public solar energy business is profitable, since public lights, as well as traffic lights, have a high solar incidence throughout the day.

So they could be powered by solar panels effectively.


The solar energy market is growing, and there are various businesses that you can undertake, remember whichever you choose you must always train professionally and use quality products to offer a better service.

1. Amp clamp

This tool is ideal when verifying if the solar panels are working properly, and also for the intensity of the electric current.

Sometimes it is useful to measure network harmonics.

2. Multimeter

The multimeter is also very useful to check the operation of the installation, showing data such as voltage, current, and resistance. 

You will also be able to know the insulation, continuity of the circuit, resistance, and polarity, among others in the solar modules and batteries.

3. Ground tester

The grounding tester, as its name indicates, helps installers to check whether the grounding is present, which, as you probably already know, is an essential part of the installation because it reduces the risk of electrical accidents.

Some ground testers have functions such as conduit resistance measurement, no-load voltage, circuit current measurement, insulation resistance measurement, function test, etc.

4. Needle nose pliers

This is one of the tools to install solar panels that will be most useful to you, since with it you can carry out different actions such as: pulling cables, making joints, even securing bolts, nuts, etc.

5. Hydrometer

This tool fulfills the function of measuring the density of liquids, in the specific case of the installation of a photovoltaic system. It will be useful for you to measure the density of the battery acid, and to know the density of the electrolyte of the accumulators.

6. Strippers for cable connection

Similarly, a stripper will be very useful to your team when you have to cut the cable, especially in the final section of it. We suggest you have different diameters.

7. Welder

Another of the main tools that will be essential in the kit of your installers is a mini soldering iron, this will be essential to solder the cable terminals, and fix connections, among other tasks.

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