A Guide to Yacht Types

This blog is a comprehensive guide to all the expert sailors and amateurs to introduce you to all yacht types out there. Learn about luxury vessels to racing boats and their unique features and performance capacities. Even if you’ve never been on a boat, this guide will help you find the right one for your next trip.

Various types of yachts

Yachts are luxurious vessels that are perfect for leisure and thrill. Whether you want to own one or prefer a rented one, you will surely have the time of your life. Yachts come in different sizes and types and have specific characteristics and purposes. Following are some of the common types:

  • Motor yacht
  • Sailing yacht
  • Catamaran
  • Explorer yacht
  • Sports yacht
  • Trawler yacht
  • Mega yacht

Motor yacht

This boat is powered by engines and is designed especially for speed and luxury and, therefore, mainly used for voyaging and exploring.

Sailing yacht 

Known as a sailboat, it relies majorly on wind power for its movement. If you are a sailing enthusiast who enjoys the treat of the open sea and if navigating merely by wind and current excites you, this is your boat.


With two parallel hulls connected by a deck, Catamarans are yachts that offer better stability and space than regular sailboats and are great for racing, cruising or even day trips.

Explorer yacht

Suitable for rough seas and challenging conditions, an explorer yacht is a good choice for long-range sailing. They come with advanced navigation and communication systems, thereby becoming appropriate for scientific journeys or adventure trips.

Sports yacht

If you’re looking for speed and performance, so for a sports yacht. They are perfectly designed for racing, water sports and even leisure boating.

Trawler yacht

A trawler is close to a motor yacht but is comparatively slower. They are created for long-range sailing and fishing and have large fuel tanks.

Mega yacht

These are giant luxurious vessels owned by the super-wealthy. They can go more than 300 feet in length and offer high-tech and modern amenities like helipads, pools and movie theaters.

Choosing the right yacht

Yachting can be one of the best experiences in your life if you pick the right boat, whether you want to purchase one or just looking for a yacht rental in Dubai. Following are the various factors that can help you make the right decision:

  • Purpose
  • Type of yacht
  • Amenities
  • Size
  • Budget
  • Crew or no crew
  • Test drive


Whether you want it for a day it or an extended trip, are you planning on fishing or enjoying water sports or it is for private use or a public gathering? Answering such questions will help you determine the purpose and come to the correct conclusion. 


Considering the estimated number of people on board, the activities involved and the number of cabins, bathrooms and living spaces required you can select the yacht.


It’s obvious that you can only choose what you can afford. Don’t just focus on the initial cost but also consider the maintenance, mooring and insurance charges.

Type of yacht

As discussed, there are many types of yachts to choose from considering their pros and cons. You just need to pick what suits you best.


Yachts usually include modern amenities like A.C., entertainment systems, water sports equipment etc. Check which yacht has the facilities you require.

Crew or no crew

You can go for an uncrewed yacht if you can manage all the work yourself but if you want to sit back and enjoy the experience, go for a crewed yacht.

Test drive

Taking the yacht for a test drive will be a great help in selecting the right one for purchasing or chartering. 

Maintenance of different yachts

Every yacht requires a specific way to maintain it so it has a long life away from corrosion or deterioration. Following are some ways to regularly upkeep various yachts.

Type of YachtMaintenance
Motor YachtsRegular engine maintenance and cleaning of the electrical and mechanical systems, cleaning/ polishing the exterior and replacing old/damaged parts.
Sailing YachtsRegular checking and maintaining the sails, the electrical and mechanical systems and the steering and rudder systems. Also, cleaning and maintaining the hull and top to keep off corrosion.
CatamaransRegular cleaning and maintaining the hull and topside to avoid corrosion. Servicing the electrical and mechanical systems, the sail systems and rigging and the steering and rudder systems.
Wooden YachtsRegular maintenance of the wood to prevent rotting, upkeep up of the electrical and mechanical systems and of the hull and topside to prevent corrosion and replacing old/damaged parts.
Luxury YachtsRegular cleaning and polishing of the exterior and interior. Maintenance of the electrical, mechanical systems, navigation and communication systems. Regular servicing of the air conditioning and entertainment systems.

Chartering a yacht for a vacation

Chartering a yacht can make your vacation a luxurious and thrilling adventure. You can explore the open in the best style and comfort with utmost privacy. With different types of yachts available, you can select the perfect vessel to suit your needs.

Pick the right yacht by considering the discussed factors and even go for a test drive if required. Once you know which boat is best for you, don’t forget its maintenance and upkeep to keep off any damage whatsoever. Get the old parts replaced or removed if need be.

Renting a yacht for your next vacation can be a wonderful and exciting idea if you adhere to all the important information. 

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