8 Benefits of biometric attendance system

The days of paper and pen as the only method for tracking attendance are long gone. Businesses are increasingly turning to biometric attendance systems to reduce time theft and lower costs associated with lost productivity. Although biometric attendance systems are not fool proof, their benefits far outweigh potential drawbacks.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance System:

1. High accuracy

A biometric attendance system may offer many other benefits, but accurately tracking your employees’ attendance could be worth the admission fee. It is difficult to fake attendance because of the many biometric markers available.

Biometric attendance systems enable your company to track any number of employees simultaneously without errors or shenanigans. The biometric attendance system can identify employees within a group by using multiple biomarkers or even if they are wearing a mask.

2. Time Theft is eliminated

This is an important benefit of a biometric attendance system. It should not be underestimated the devastating impact that time theft can have. Even though your employees are honest and upright, there will be times when accidental time theft happens.

While some people are more open-minded, it is important to identify and stop intentional Timesheet Fraud. Stopping malicious time theft will save you money and help shape your company’s culture by showing that there are consequences that can discourage others from doing the same.

3. Buddy Punching is Preventable

Although this benefit is related to time theft prevention, it deserves special mention due to the staggering statistics surrounding its occurrence. This is not just the number of people who have admitted to doing it. Buddy punching isn’t just time theft. It is also one of many theft forms involving multiple employees violating policy.

This practice costs your company money and damages the corporate culture by making more people break the policy. Biometric attendance systems have made buddy punching obsolete. One person cannot mimic the biomarkers of another.

4. It provides a good return on investment

Given the devastating impact time theft can have on companies, and the ability of biometric attendance systems to stop it, this should not be surprising. Some biometric attendance systems go one step further and offer formats that can eliminate the need for hardware, reducing overhead.

If you choose a cloud-based biometric attendance system, you don’t need IT hardware on-site to track data. This service keeps track of remote employees and saves space, especially considering the changing working environment.

5. Employee morale is boosted

This list might not be comprehensive enough to address all the possible ways to stop bad actors from gaming the system. However, disobedience must be properly punished.

Although installing a biometric attendance system to reduce time theft may be necessary, it can cause a void in the company culture, making employees resentful and paranoid. This can lead to a company morale decrease, which could result in more lost productivity. However, it will still be a net benefit overall.

Biometric attendance systems can also be used to identify dissatisfactory workers. However, it is possible to use them to recognize exemplary employees. It would help if you remembered that motivation could be broken down into punishment, rewards, or both. The imbalance will manifest if you rely too heavily on either one of these elements.

A better approach is to use both punishment and rewards. However, research has shown that rewards are a more effective way to motivate. While people will often do what is necessary to avoid negative consequences, they may go to great lengths to get a small reward.

6. Accountability is enhanced

Although this may seem like a simple benefit, the ripple effects of accountability go far beyond accounting. Accountability offers a more nuanced approach. It is similar to how good rewarding behaviour can increase employee morale and help create a solid foundation for corporate culture.

However, it is important to recognize that accountability is essential for accurately and consistently assigning punishments and rewards. You can quickly and easily identify when someone is taking too much time off, arrives late, leaves early, or does not arrive.

The impact that accountability has on company culture cannot be underestimated. Once established, however, the company culture can do most of the heavy lifting. Biometric attendance systems can be used to identify individuals who are performing poorly and connect them with other groups.

Employees who violate company policy can be nudged by grouping them with those who are exemplary and then tying their rewards or punishments to each other. The soft influence of social expectation can make a big difference in ensuring that the “problem” employee is rehabilitated.

7. Payroll simplified

Depending on how the employee hours are being tracked, verifying and collating payroll can prove to be time-consuming, expensive, and laborious, depending on the method used. Biometric attendance systems make it easy to automate this process. They require no overhead and are just as accurate as the original tracking functions.

Biometric attendance system integrates with many of the most popular and widely used payroll software and services. Biometric systems integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Intuit or Tally ERP to automate payroll. This increases ROI and reduces litigation claims.

8. It is not necessary to have physical contact

Your organization can be protected from spreading disease by using a contactless biometric attendance system. It makes sense to install biometric systems that scan the faces and iris of employees, given the high probability of pandemics occurring in the future.

A biometric attendance system can identify employees even if they are wearing masks. This helps to ensure employees adhere to pandemic protocol. This service can even apply its multiplicate accuracy for people wearing masks, helping to protect whole communities.

But pandemics or even the flu will almost certainly strike your business at some time in the future. However, it is important to minimize their spread to ensure that you make it through the storm unscathed.

The final touch

The benefits of biometric attendance systems outweigh their initial costs, whether you view them from an investment, efficiency, or cultural perspective. Remember that your competition will not leave you with the profits, so invest sooner than you think.

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